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Dana Caffee-Glenn; Project Founder and Executive Producer

Dana  is a 5th generation educator with 15 years of experience within formal and informal education environments. As a young girl, she spent her free time dragging her friends and family throughout DC on the Metro visiting her favorite museums and gardens. The community became a "second school," of sorts, which inspired her to create Ayanna's Place.


Following her passion for "educational spelunking"--not actual cave spelunking-- she has found herself working in places like the Camp Moss Hollow, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the Capital Children’s Museum, DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative,public schools throughout DC, MD, and VA and most recently the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in Washington, DC.


Dana holds a BFA in Theatre Education from Howard University and an EdM in Arts in Education from Harvard University. 


Jeremi Jones; Executive Producer

Jeremi Jones attended Howard University for film and has continued to live in Washington, DC ever since. He loves to write and create films and comics when not working in the local association industry. He met Ayanna’s Place creator Dana Caffee-Glenn while attending a student-led film organization at Howard Unversity.

Kali Lyles; Assistant Producer

Kali Lyles is an Associate Producer at Maryland Public Television where she writes and works during live studio broadcasts for fundraising drives. She is also experienced in Flash and stop-motion animation.










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